Coffey Fundraiser
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Captain Glenn Coffey Jr.

has been a Sapulpa City Police Officer for over twenty years. Not only has he served his community in more ways than countable, but also has become a loyal, trusted friend of the citizens he is sworn to protect. He’s a family man, and beyond his wife, Brandi, and six children, Glenn III, Elaine, Rylan, Braydan, Coleson, and Preston, he’s also a part of the Sapulpa family.

Captain Glenn Coffey Jr. knew he was going to have complications with his liver after his father’s health was threatened by Hereditary Liver Disease 12 years ago. Although Officer Coffey has known to keep track of his livers health, doctors said he wouldn’t be faced with the issue for a number of years. Unfortunately, the disease has become life threatening sooner than anyone had planned for. His family remains optimistic since Captain Coffey’s father made a full recovery after his transplant in 2006. Although, Officer Coffey’s condition has to be monitored closely and consistently, he has full intentions to keep working until he is unable too. On average, a liver transplant costs more than $500,000 and it’s not an easy burden for any family. After some hesitation and consideration of fundraising for the medical expenses, the Coffey family accepted the help of their family, friends and community under the specific directions of Captain Coffey.

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Captain Glenn Coffey Jr. is at the wise age of 43 and knows the complications of fundraising. He expressed his concerns with friends about how people use tragic instances to exploit kind people using fake fundraisers. As a team, his friends and family weren’t going to let this happen for his cause. Although thankful, his family only wants to use reliable ways of fundraising that way no one can use his disease for a selfish profit. Even in sickness, he has taken proactive measures to protect and serve his community. His family and friends want to do everything they can to ensure he has a complete recovery. Here you can find all the information about the fundraisers and benefits that are verified by the Coffey family.

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We Like our Coffey Strong….

is the message his family and friends use for their mission to comfort and aid Captain Glenn Coffey Jr.’s family. It’s catchy and inspiring, but most importantly it’s true. As a community, Sapulpa has roared in support for the Coffey family.

You can find updated information about Captain Coffey and his family on the Facebook community page We Like Our Coffey Strong. You can find a list of events coming up on the Calendar page and a compilation of ways to help on the Donate page here on

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